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Smoking ban in public places

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User Dorine
Monday 2 June 2008

Smoking ban in public places

User Floris (Employee)
Thursday 20 February 2014

In the Netherlands the smoking ban in public places is a big issue. A decision has already been fixed from July 2008 may no longer smoke in hotels, restaurants and cafes. Even fast food restaurants and nightclubs are affected.

The Cabinet has decided this after a proposal by the Health and Sport Minister Abraham Klink . Employees in this sector are thus the same rights as other workers. Because of the 2004 which came into force banning smoking in the workplace , the restaurant was previously excluded. It can be set up special smoking rooms in which then , however, no service personnel operates.

In addition, no more cigarettes to be sold in this area. Smoking-room without operator can then also in coffee shops. With the decision , the Netherlands is one of the last countries in Europe where a smoking ban is enforced in restaurants. In international comparison , the price of cigarette packs in the Netherlands is relatively low. However, a tax increase on tobacco is planned for this year.

In the field of indirect advertising is allowed, however , to set aside Denmark , Finland , Norway, Iceland , France and Portugal. Since 2002, a ban on indirect advertising , which prohibits tobacco brands to sponsor events and so to connect the brand with another product .

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