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Regulations for sport fishing from the beach

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User Marlon
Sunday 30 October 2011

Are there certain rules for beach fishing in Zoutelande? For example, only from a specified time and / or location?

User Floris (Employee)
Tuesday 13 August 2013

Sport fishing from the beach of Zoutelande in the North Sea and Westerschelde is open all year and throughout the day allowed. Be careful when inserting your rod to the other beach and sea users.

To sport fishing in the sea from the beach you will not need a license. To fish in lakes (and other waterways) is a license and a fishing license required. These are available in tourist offices in Westkapelle and Kamperland.

So even though sport fishing from the beach is allowed throughout the year, one thing remains; keep account of each other!

Please read the information boards carefully, which are at each beach (entrance).

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