Duintop Zoutelande - Point de vue

Duintop Zoutelande - 1 Duintop Zoutelande (July 2013) - #2

The highest point of Walcheren lies on top of the dunes, to the south of the coastal village of Zoutelande. The upper dune is 54 meters above sea level.

From the walkway in the dunes, you have a beautiful view over the Walcheren peninsula in Zeeland. In clear weather you can see up to 10 different (church) towers.

Suivant Duintop Zoutelande près des Lieux d'intérêt: Location de vélos Koppejan (±250 m), Musée du Bunker (±550 m), Waterspeeltuin de Meerpaal (±600 m), Avonturenpark Valkenisse (±850 m) & Catharinakerk (±1,2 km).

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Duinweg, Zoutelande