Old Town Hall of Middelburg - Monument

Old Town Hall of Middelburg - 1

Visit the historic Town Hall of Middelburg, located at the Market in the heart of the city. Voted the second most beautiful building in the Netherlands. A gem in the capital of Zeeland.

What can you expect at the Town Hall of Middelburg?


Experience the splendour and grandeur of the Town Hall of Middelburg, a historic monument that is not only a visual highlight but also a vibrant witness to the rich history of the city. Don't miss this unique opportunity to gain a deeper insight into the history and culture of Zeeland.

Furthermore Old Town Hall of Middelburg is near the following sights: Guided City Walk through Middelburg (±250 m), Middelburg Boat Tour (±350 m), Abbey Tower De Lange Jan (±500 m), Zeeland Museum (±600 m) & Indoor Karting Middelburg (±1,8 km).

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Markt, Middelburg
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