Events in Zoutelande

In the summer there is almost daily something organized (the region of) Zoutelande. Under which the various markets, folklore, music performances and various sporting events where you can look at or to which you can join.

Marathon Zeeland

Every year, on the first weekend of October, the province of Zeeland comes alive with the largest annual sporting event: Marathon Zeeland. Over this weekend, nearly 20,000 athletes participate in various disciplines, experiencing the beauty of the Zeeland coastline in all its glory.

Diversity of Sporting ...

Lantern Parade

Exciting - with lantern and light in the dark through the village. The music leads the way. Are you coming too? 18:30 Lantern sale 19:00 Lantern Parade

Firework show on music

Fireworks synchronized to music. If you are planning to visit Zoutelande, this fireworks is certainly not to be missed. Music and light combined to create a breathtaking fireworks show in the centre of Zoutelande. Every year spectacular. The ...