Events in Zoutelande

In the summer there is almost daily something organized Zoutelande. Under which the various markets, folklore, music performances and various sporting events where you can look at or to which you can join.

Marathon Zeeland

In the first weekend of October, there are nearly 20,000 active athletes to practice their sport. It's the largest annual sporting event in the province of Zeeland. Start in Burgh-Haamstede via ...


Spannend - met lampion en lichtje in het donker door het dorp. De muziek gaat voorop. Kom je ook ? 18:30 uur Lampionverkoop 19:00 uur Lampionoptocht


Spannend - met lampion en lichtje in het donker door het dorp. De muziek gaat voorop. Kom je ook ? 18:30 uur Lampionverkoop 19:00 uur Lampionoptocht


New Year's Day plunge

On the first on January the annual New Year's Dive is organized in Zoutelande. This traditional event creates a lot of fun on several beaches each year on 1 January. Start 2020: 12:00 hrs

Easter market

Every year on Easter there is a market fare on the Boulevards of Vlissingen. There are 150 stalls representing various sectors such as: jewelry, clothing, perfume, greeting cards, beach towels, books, fish, waffles, sweets, nuts, leather, fresh ...

National Museum Week

Begin april

During this Museum week about 450 museums are to visit. There are extra activities such as workshops, guided tours, tastings, children's treasure hunts, musical performances and the possibility to dress up.

King's Day

April 27

King's Day is officially the national celebration of the birthday of the King, but this in reality is only an excuse to party hard. The celebrations takes place all over the Netherlands. Several activities taking place throughout Zoutelande and make the 27th April for a special day.

Liberation Day Zeeland

The Bevrijdingsfestival Zeeland (Liberation Festival Zeeland) is celebrated every year on May 5th, in Vlissingen. We celebrate freedom with musical performances on various stages, with discussion programs and the ...

National Mills Day

Tweede weekend van mei

Since 1974 the event is held every year on the second Saturday in May. It is a day when as many mills as possible are running. The National Mills Day has now become an annual event. Besides turning and grinding, all kinds of activities take place at a large number of mills, from baking pancakes to music festivals. ...

Market in Zoutelande

Entire Summer 2021

The weekly tourist market in Zoutelande there throughout the summer every Tuesday from 10:00 to 19.00 hrs. The market stands are located on the Willibrordusplein and Langstraat. At the market you can find the greatest deals, fresh seasonal products and unique specialties. The ...


Langs de kust van Zoutelande zijn nog sporen te vinden van de Tweede Wereldoorlog. Onder andere de bunkers, gebouwd als onderdeel van de Atlantikwall. Normaal zijn deze fascinerende betonnen kolossen gesloten voor het publiek, maar onder andere op Bunkerdag zijn van 10.00 tot 17.00 uur de bunkers ...

Beach Volleyball Tournament

Every Tuesday

In the summer, every Tuesday evening there are Beach volleyball tournaments organized on the Beach Volleyball Tournament for six weeks. Time: 19.00 - 21.00 hrs

Ring Riding

Entire Summer

Ring Riding is a folkloric tradition where the ring rider sits on a horse and puts a lance through a ring. He gallops to a scaffold where the ring is attached. In Zoutelande is it considered a serious sport, even though it's a folkloric activity. In summer ...

Night market Middelburg


The night market has been a great success and a crowd pleaser for many year. Due to its wide variety there is something for everyone. There are over 100 stalls at the night market. Add to that the festive lighting, cozy cafes, fine dining at one of the many restaurants, cheerful live ...

City of Dance festival Middelburg

End July

City of Dance festival is one of the longest-running electronic music festivals in the world and elected as ‘’#2 Best Dutch Dance Festival’’ in 2015, ended in the top 10 in 2016 in the Festival chart of Benelux and is known as THE EDM festival of the South-West part of The Netherlands. The festival, which ...

Funfair in Vlissingen

End of July

Who didn’t like it as a child to be swirled around in a carousel or to get sticky from some cotton candy. In Vlissingen it is still possible every year, at the end of July. Opening hours of the fair in Flushing: daily from 14:00 to 24:00. On Thursday during the ...

Folkloristische dag

Een jaarlijks terugkerend spektakel in Zoutelande op de eerste donderdag in augustus is de Folkloristische dag. Er is dan een markt met demonstraties van oude ambachten, entertainment en muziek. Dit grote gezellige evenement wordt van 12.00 – 21.00 uur gehouden ...

Mosselfeesten Middelburg

End of July

In juli kan drie dagen lang in Middelburg genoten worden van de overheerlijke Zeeuwse lekkernij, de mossel. Op de Vlasmarkt, het Koorkerkplein en het Damplein laten de horecaondernemers gasten genieten van zeer veel verschillende mossel-, maar ...

Mussel festival Yerseke


Mussel Festival Yerseke is an annually returning great party. With eating mussels and many other activities. In short, where you can spend a whole day in the mussel center of Europe, on the banks of the Oosterschelde.

Night market Vlissingen

Early August

On a nice summer evening, take a stroll over the Zoutelande market.

Lasershow met DJ

Intro lasershow door DJ: 22:30 uur Lasershow met DJ: 23:00 uur


Woensdag: - Schatgraven; 17:00 - 18:00 uur - Touwtrekken heren en kinderen; vanaf 19:30 uur Donderdag: - Voetvolleybal toernooi; 11:00 - 19:30 uur - Touwtrekken Dames; vanaf 19:35 uur Vrijdag: - Voetvolleybal toernooi; 11:00 - 20:30 uur - Live muziek; vanaf 21:00 uur Zaterdag: - Beach Volleybal toernooi: ...

Folkloric day in Middelburg

Mid July

Ring Riding is a folkloric tradition where the ring rider sits on a horse and puts a lance through a ring. He gallops to a scaffold where the ring is attached to. In Middelburg it is practiced as a serious sport, even though it's a folkloric activity.

Kunstroute Kunst aan de Kust

End August

Zoutelande heeft sinds 2008 zijn eigen kunstroute. Golvende kunst in bruisend Zoutelande, een driedaags evenement waar ruim twintig 'artistiekelingen' hun werk tonen. Deze kunstroute voert langs meerdere plaatsen in het dorp waar kunstenaars hun werk laten zien.

Solexrace Biggekerke

End August

Op klassieke met knetterende motoren rijden de deelnemers door de straten van het kleine dorpje Biggekerke. Wat ooit begon als een extra evenement bij de wielerwedstrijd van het dorp is uitgegroeid tot een geheel op zichzelf staand fenomeen. Er wordt gereden in verschillende manches. Zo is er een manche voor de ...

Film by the Sea

End September

Every September Vlissingen becomes the backdrop for (inter) national stars in film. During this period you can find the International Film Festival Film by the Sea at cinema Cine City. During these days you can see new movies ...

Heritage Days

Second Saturday and / or second Sunday in September

Open Monuments Day is held every year halfway through September, when thousands of monuments in the Netherlands are free to the public. The participating monuments can be recognized by the Open Monuments Day flag as shown here. Open Monuments Day is organized to encourage people to know more about their historical ...

Jazz by the Sea


Jazz by the Sea is the Jazz festival with a sea view! It's an old style international jazz festival along the coast of Walcheren, from Vlissingen to Veere. Jazz by the Sea ...

Strandcross Zoutelande


De jaarlijkse beachmotocross die op het strand van Zoutelande wordt gehouden heeft altijd een groot deelnemersveld. Er gaan ongeveer 90 solo- en 30 quadrijders van start. Een bloedstollend en uitdagend spektakel van quads en motoren op de ...