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The Netherlands lies below sea level for more than half of its territory. For everyone's safety, the Delta Works were built to prevent a recurrence of the flood disaster of 1953. At the Oosterscheldekering and Delta Park Neeltje Jans, you can relive history: from the flood disaster to the construction of the Delta Works. Exhibitions, films, and a tour of the dam give you an impression of the immense power of water. Even guests from America come to visit the Storm Surge Barrier.

Film Delta Finale and Disaster '53

The film Delta Finale shows footage of the catastrophic flood disaster of 1953 and provides information about the construction of the Storm Surge Barrier. The growing attention to the environment and shellfish cultures played a major role in the choice of a Storm Surge Barrier. The film is always in Dutch and can be shown in other languages such as German, English, and French upon request.

Storm Surge Barrier

Zeeland is largely below or at sea level. In 1953, the dikes were poor and low. The probability of a flood was once every 80 years at that time. Thanks to the Storm Surge Barrier, this probability is now less than once every 4,000 years. Seize the opportunity to visit this structure from inside and out. Concrete with a 200-year guarantee surrounds you, 45-meter-wide steel doors rise, and the tides rush beneath you. You must visit here, you must see this!

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