Prison Island Middelburg - Attraction

Prison Island Middelburg - 1

A blend of an escape room and an indoor survival course. Located in Middelburg, this thrilling attraction offers an adventurous experience for friends, families, and colleagues.

What can you expect at Prison Island Middelburg?

Take on the Challenge

Prison Island Middelburg is perfect for anyone seeking excitement, fun, and an unforgettable experience. Seize your opportunity for a unique challenge and embark on an exciting adventure at Prison Island Middelburg.

Furthermore Prison Island Middelburg is near the following sights: Bounce Vally (±90 m), GlowGolf Middelburg (±175 m), Indoor Playground Monkey Town Middelburg (±175 m), HyperBowling Middelburg (±175 m) & Mini Mundi (±175 m).

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Podium 19, Middelburg
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