GlowGolf Middelburg - Mini golf

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At GlowGolf Middelburg, you’ll experience a mini-golf adventure like no other. Located at the vibrant leisure park Zep in Middelburg, this spectacular 18-hole course offers a colourful and adventurous world for both young and old.

What can you expect at GlowGolf Middelburg?

Will you come and have a swing? Visit GlowGolf Middelburg and discover a magical world of fluorescent mini-golf. The combination of fluorescent colours, blacklights, and cheerful decorations makes this a fun experience for visitors of all ages.

Furthermore GlowGolf Middelburg is near the following sights: Indoor Playground Monkey Town Middelburg (±0 m), HyperBowling Middelburg (±0 m), Mini Mundi (±10 m), Bounce Vally (±100 m) & Prison Island Middelburg (±175 m).

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Podium 21, Middelburg
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