Zoutelande is an excellent starting point for exploring the surrounding towns and nature reserves in Zeeland. Here is a list of tips for cycling trips you can take from Zoutelande:

  1. Middelburg: The historic capital of Zeeland offers charming streets, monuments, and cosy shops and terraces.

  2. Domburg: This charming coastal town is known for its cosy atmosphere, nice shops and broad sandy beaches.

  3. Vlissingen: Visit this lively port city with its maritime history, broad promenade and cosy shopping streets.

  4. Westkapelle: This village is known for its characteristic lighthouse and the historical dike where you can cycle wonderfully with a view of the sea.

  5. Veere: A picturesque town with a rich history, narrow streets and the impressive town hall and castle.

  6. Neeltje Jans: This artificial island is part of the Oosterschelde storm surge barrier and offers a unique opportunity to see this impressive example of Dutch water engineering up close.

  7. Oranjezon: A beautiful nature reserve with forests, dunes and bodies of water where you can cycle wonderfully and enjoy the peace and nature.

  8. Dishoek: A small village on the coast with a broad sandy beach, perfect for a relaxed bike ride and a refreshing swim in the sea.

  9. Fort Rammekens: Visit this historical sea fort from the 16th century located on the shores of the Westerschelde and discover the fascinating history of the surroundings.

  10. De Manteling: A unique dune landscape between Domburg and Oostkapelle where you can cycle through a varied landscape of forests, dunes and historical country estates.

From Zoutelande you can comfortably reach all these wonderful destinations by bike. Discover Zeeland and enjoy the beautiful nature, charming villages and rich history.

Fietsen in Zoutelande

Discover the Cycle Paths and Coastal Roads of Zoutelande

For many travellers, Zoutelande conjures images of sun-kissed beaches and the soothing sound of the sea. However, this picturesque coastal town has more to offer than just its beautiful coastline. Zoutelande is a true gem for cycling enthusiasts, with countless kilometres of safe and scenic cycle paths and roads.

The cycling paths in Zoutelande offer a diversity of views that are unparalleled. You can be enchanted by the stunning coastal routes that lead you through majestic dune areas, or you can opt for the tranquil country lanes that take you to the peaceful countryside. Along the way, you will discover charming, characteristic villages where time seems to have stood still.

The extensive and safe cycle paths in Zoutelande provide the perfect environment for a leisurely cycle ride, whether you are alone, with a partner, or with the whole family. In Zoutelande, there is so much to discover on a bicycle that you will continually see and experience new things. So, hop on your bike and discover the hidden beauty of Zoutelande.

Bike Rental

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