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One of the special places to discover in Zoutelande is the Atelier of Arienne Molenaar, located at Sloestraat 21. Arienne is a talented artist who mainly paints seascapes and is often found on the beach with her easel. She works with oil paint, acrylic, and watercolour.

What can you expect at the Atelier of Arienne Molenaar?

Come and experience the serene beauty of seascapes through the eyes of Arienne Molenaar. Make an appointment to visit her atelier and enjoy a unique art experience in Zoutelande!

Furthermore Atelier of Arienne Molenaar is near the following sights: Zoutelande Mill (±150 m), Galerie Zilte Zee (±350 m), Catharina church (±400 m), Tennis court de Golfbreker (±450 m) & Bunker Museum (±700 m).

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Sloestraat 21, Zoutelande
tel. +31 630 260 147 
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