Zoutelande Lighthouse

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The Zoutelande Lighthouse, also known as Sergeant, is an iconic lighthouse located in the beautiful dunes of Zeeland. This historic lighthouse plays a crucial role in the maritime safety of the region.

What can you expect at the Zoutelande Lighthouse?

The Zoutelande Lighthouse is not just a functional maritime instrument, but also a picturesque landmark that adds to the charm of the region.


Practical Information

Viewing the Zoutelande Lighthouse is a must for anyone interested in maritime history or just wanting to enjoy a unique piece of Zeeland.

Furthermore Zoutelande Lighthouse is near the following sights: Tennis court de Golfbreker (±400 m), Catharina church (±700 m), Zoutelande Mill (±750 m), Galerie Zilte Zee (±750 m) & Atelier of Arienne Molenaar (±800 m).

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Westkapelseweg 28, Zoutelande