Mariekerke Play Farm - Playground

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Mariekerke Play Farm in Meliskerke is a paradise for children and a delightful relaxation spot for adults. With a multitude of activities both indoors and outdoors, it's the perfect destination for a day filled with fun and adventure.

What can you expect at Mariekerke Play Farm?

A Day of Fun and Adventure

Mariekerke Play Farm offers a unique combination of playtime and farm experience, ideal for families with children.

Furthermore Mariekerke Play Farm is near the following sights: Playground Meliskerke (±2,0 km), Hof Poppendamme (±2,1 km), Water playground de Meerpaal (±3,7 km), Bicycle rental Koppejan (±3,8 km) & Atelier of Arienne Molenaar (±3,9 km).

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Mariekerke 24, Meliskerke
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