Tourist Church Zoutelande

Tourist Church Zoutelande Tourist Church Zoutelande Tourist Church ZoutelandeTourist Church Zoutelande

Because Zoutelande, despite the great WWII damage on Walcheren, quickly became an attractive place to spent the summer months soon after World War II, the preparations for the building of the 'R.C. Tourist Church St. Catharina' began in 1947.

However, it wasn't until 1957 when the proposal was presented to the mayor and counselors, and their cooperation eventually lead to the finalization of the R.C. Tourist Church in Zoutelande.

On Monday 30 June 1958 the masons could go to work and the building was officially put into use on June 7, 1959. According to a reporter, the 1200 church goers went back to their residences around 9pm. With this inauguration, an end came to all the long struggles and a new period was heralded. Zoutelande finally had a R.C. Church building after 400 years.

Around 1964 the pastor, via the former Bischop of Breda, asked the fathers of the Holy House of Harten if they were willing to arrange the services in Zoutelande. Initially this was done by Father J. van Berkel in 1964 and 1965. From 1966 to 2008, Father M. Rameckers provided the services for 42 years. Since 2009, Father J. van Oers is providing the services.

In the years 1959 to about 1974, there was no continuous support from people, and some of the church goers were asked to assist with the collections. Since 1975 there has been regular assistance by several families, and since 1985 there's a solid group of core helpers, also called the working group.

There was an abundant celebration of the 50 year anniversary of the church, and a mass was attended by many people, where many uttered the wish to continue the church on this special location for many years.

Furthermore Tourist Church Zoutelande is near the following sights: Bicycle rental Koppejan (±175 m), Bunker Museum (±300 m), Duintop Zoutelande (±400 m), Molen Zoutelande (±850 m) & Water playground de Meerpaal (±850 m).

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